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Photo Restoration, Retouching, Enlargements, etc.

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Photo Restoration

It seems like everyone has an old shoebox full of heirloom family photos that have definitely seen better days. Many become so badly torn, faded, or water-damaged, that they're not even recognizable any more. Clark Imaging can restore your photos and help you preserve a crucial link to lost generations. Email us or call at 208.521.9445 for more information. If you'd like to see some recent restoration work, check out the restoration category on the blog.

Photo Retouching & Printing

We can take on any retouching or processing job you can throw at us. We've done everything from 'digital weightloss' to heavy compositing and even simple batch processing for photographers. We are also happy to offer our printing services. If you would like to have prints or enlargements made of your own photos, we can offer them at these prices, less 20%. If you'd like to talk options just email us or call at 208.521.9445.

Graphic & Web Design

Clark Imaging also sports a modest graphic & web design portfolio. Email or call at 208.521.9445 for info.